Hoohayhow On Gold365bet

The Website Gold365bet is famous all over Thailand for the ease and facile manner in which Players can participate and enjoy gambling, from literally anywhere. Apart from the Internationally recognized forms of gambling, such as Casino games like Roulette and Baccarat, some local innovations are highly popular here in Thailand. In particular, the game of สูตรโกงบาคาร่า is played all over the country, especially on the platform provided by Gold365bet.


Thais are known as inveterate gamblers, and have been well known to take gambling seriously. Long before the Western forms of gambling invaded the world, Thais have been developing their own games according to their own joyful nature and creative culture. Thai gamblers swear by the game of hoohayhow when playing on gold365bet.com. The game has been developed from the guessing of Six Icons. These are (in ascending order of importance or weightage) :

  • Gourds (or, Calabash).
  • Crab
  • Fish
  • Tigers
  • Chicken
  • Prawns

Each shake can have 3 dice throws, and each draw gives 3 results.


The game of hoohayhow, or “Gourd (Calabash), Crab, Fish online”, has rules that are similar to the throwing of dice. But the chances are multiplied depending on the preconditions set, for which different names are used. For example, a “fish crab” bet means that if the Player wins, he wins one time only. In other words, if he bets 2000 bahts, he wins 2000 bahts in addition to his initial capital. Then there is Double betting, known also as betting on the “Tiger Prawn”. This rakes in a payout of Five Times the initial bet amount, in addition to the original capital. This means if the Bettor lays out 200 baht, he wins 1000 baht on his initial bet amount if he wins. There are also the Even-odd betting, where the payout is Eight times, excluding capital. There is the Flat-bet (17 times), the Point (24 times), and Tong betting (150 times), barring funds.


It is advisable not to depend on the horoscope to predict play, or use any superstitions that are current or even traditional. Winnings cannot result from blind faith. It is best to analyze previous play carefully, including careful observation of others in play if possible. Winning depends on the study and performance of the three main colors used, namely red, blue and green. Statistics is the answer. Diligent study of extensive data collection is the way to ensure success, and only hard mental discipline can achieve regular winnings.


This fun game is demanded by all Players, whether Thai or Visitors. It is also one of the first games advised for Beginners, because of its sheer simplicity and rapid payout.