Play The 6 God Cards Online

Play The 6 God Cards Online

Domino is known as the rectangular shape, a solid body with dots in the middle. The domino card is divided into two: the upper part and the lower part with a series of dots. The card game has been popular all over Asia and becomes one of the players’ favorite casino games. However, the pandemic had changed the mode of playing environment of the players. The online gaming field was introduced, which was ignored by the many. However, when pandemic ruined the enjoyment of the physical gaming world, online gaming turned out as the savior. Domino or the popularly known domino99 is what they called the 6 Gods cards. The 6 Gods Cards are the highest rank of cards in the game. Once you get these cards, then no question, you are the winner. There will be no possible same cards to appear in the other player, only one player will have the said card.


To play the domino99 game, a player needs to hold one of the 5 special cards. These are the following 5 special mix cards:

  1. Double 9
  2. Small series
  3. Big series
  4. Twin series
  5. 6 God

If all the players don’t have any of the 5 special mix cards, then there must be another card value to win the game.

Rounds of the game

The winner will be determined by the highest combination of cards. For example, 6 7 will be beaten by 7 8. The game begins in the clockwise direction of the dealer. The cards will be distributed from left to right. The first round starts when the first 3 cards are dealt with. On the first round, each player made his turn to one of the following:

  1. Check. It is done to stay in the game without adding money to the pot. It can be done on the first betting when no one has not yet bet.
  2. Fold. It is to drop out of the game and lose any claim to the pot.
  3. Bet. The player will add some amount of money to the pot. Usually, the minimum and maximum size of the bet will be agreed upon firsthand or in advance. It is done on the first betting has no bet.
  4. Call. The previous bet will be matched or raised. The bet will be increased within the game’s specific limit.

After the first round, the dealer deals the card to the players, then the second and final betting begins. The same thing will happen where the player chooses to check, fold, bet, or call. Then, all the players will expose their cards to determine the winner.