The importance of banking for playing poker tournaments

The importance of banking for playing poker tournaments

When it comes to playing poker tournaments, especially in the online mode and continuously, managing your bank well will allow you to survive the dreaded, and will allow you, the long run, to be a winning player. Click here for poker online.

The first approach to effective bank management is common sense, if you play tournaments with a very high buy-in, you will need a larger bank than to play tournaments with lower ticket prices. It’s that simple, but there are players who go bankrupt, despite having good abilities, by not respecting a series of fundamental tips when it comes to knowing where and at what price to play.

Banking is your work tool to play poker tournaments

The big players compare the dealer as truckers and their truck. Without a vehicle, there is no work. Well, if you run out of a bank, you can’t continue playing, the example is very obvious. That is why it is recommended that under no circumstances play off the bank, or you will be at risk of bankruptcy, and perhaps not having the opportunity to make your fortune with poker. Visit this site for poker online.

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In the first place, we must know that our bank protects us from the variance of the game, that is, from “bad streaks”. We already know that the winnings in poker are not constant, but fluctuate up and down, so a good bank will allow you to continue playing regardless of your results, so that, in the long term, you can be a winner.


You can start playing with very small amounts

It is not necessary to have large funds to start playing poker tournaments. To start at the first levels, just $ 10 is more than enough. If this is your bankroll, we recommend playing tournaments with a maximum buy-in of $ 0.50, but only for classic double-type SnG tournaments or nothing.

When playing multi-table tournament

To play multi-table tournaments, or high blind speeds (turbo or super turbo) it is necessary that you start with a little more banking, since in these tournaments the variance is much higher and losses must be prevented. For these it is advisable to start playing from a bank of $ 40 for turbo tournaments, and about $ 150 in multi-table tournaments (where it is more difficult to win). As an approximate figure, it is recommended to play tournaments whose entry is at most between 2 – 4% of your total bankroll.